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SASSA Online Application

With the new regulations in force, it seems that the R350 grant has been renewed. With recipients having to re-apply, more application portals are now opening up.

Our Whatsapp application channel for the COVID-19 SRD special grant is now active!

Here is how to submit your Sassa SRD grant application on WhatsApp:

  1. Add 082 046 8553 as a contact on your phone
  2. Go to WhatsApp and send a message saying “hi” to this number
  3. You will then receive an answer and you must then respond by saying “help”
  4. You will be offered several options, answer by saying “4”
  5. This will take you to the Unathi Sassa platform message to which you will need to reply “SRD”
  6. You must then confirm whether you are applying for yourself or someone else
  7. Now the actual application starts and you will have to submit your first and last name and ID number in the message.
  8. You will then receive a message on Whatsapp indicating the next steps.

How to apply for the SASSA request for r350

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down to the section “How do I apply for this SRD grant?”
  3. Click on the yellow bar that says “click here to apply online”
  4. Enter your mobile number
  5. Click on “send message”
  6. Then enter the unique PIN that Sassa sent to the number
  7. Continue the application process by completing the steps required by Sassa

In order to access or have your SRD grant application reviewed, an applicant must allow Sassa to verify their identity, residence, income, or Social Security benefits. Applicants will also be required to agree to the Declaration and Consent.

Sassa said any customers who reapplied using should not reapply on WhatsApp.

It has been reported that every month, clients will undergo the SRD Grant Means Test to ensure that the recipient is still eligible for the grant. Sassa confirmed that he would do so by using financial banks to test his means.

Additionally, clients were asked to check the website every 3 months to answer a few questions that help the Agency know if the person still needs the grant.

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