Royal Caribbean hopefuls must submit proof of online application

The Department of Tourism, Culture and the Arts urges members of the public who are interested in the Royal Caribbean Group (RCG) Seafarer Recruitment Initiative, that tthey must have proof of a completed online application to ensure a seamless process.

The ministry said via a press release that once an application is completed through the recruitment portal, applicants will receive a confirmation email as proof that they have submitted all relevant information. Applicants must have a police character certificate or application receipt, a valid passport or proof that they have applied for passport renewal and a printed copy of their curriculum vitae.

This advice follows the overwhelming response to the program at NAPA yesterday and today at SAPA, during which a large number of job seekers showed up on the site without the necessary requirements.

The ministry said on Tuesday, 2884 candidates have successfully registered and submitted their applications via the RCG portal It is on this basis that the ministry, together with RCG, has prepared its recruitment events in NAPA, SAPA and Tobago at Shaw Park.

In both NAPA and SAPA, the ministry, with RCG, conducted a data entry exercise, to confirm and advise each candidate on the process and next steps for those who have not yet been interviewed.

Applicants are advised that those who have completed their application and were not seen at the career fair will be contacted for virtual interviews with the RCG team out of Miami by August.

The ministry said it will make the necessary facilities available for those who need help.

The ministry revealed that RCG brought in a team of 19 members to carry out the exercise and they are encouraged by the response and more so by the high quality of the candidates who were interviewed.

Hundreds of Trinidad and Tobago nationals have undergone medical examinations and been offered and accepted jobs as chefs, housekeepers, stock managers, restaurateurs, bartenders and doctors.

Those who applied for jobs in casinos and security were scheduled for a second interview and screening by technical staff, while some applicants received conditional offers pending presentation of a valid passport.

Randall Mitchell, Minister of Tourism, Culture and the Arts, welcomes this development.

He said: “This is good news for the successful candidates as well as the people within the sector that may have been affected over the past two years by the COVID-19 pandemic. Through this recruitment program, citizens have access to a timely opportunity to expand their horizons in more than 77 ports of call while earning US dollars which they can now use for various personal activities such as business investments, loan repayments or simply to take care of their families. and his relatives. »

The Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry and RCG has been signed for a period of one year and will allow many more job opportunities for suitably qualified citizens.

Additionally, other cruise lines have expressed strong interest in recruiting more Trinidad and Tobago citizens.

Mitchell said, “We will continue to facilitate these initiatives as they give hope to citizens and provide opportunities for gainful employment and economic recovery.”

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