Rhodes University Opens Online Application 2023

Rhodes University Opens Online Application 2023

In today’s Rhodes University News – Rhodes University Opens Online Application 2023. The Rhodes “General Education Degree” allows students to choose two subjects as their majors, offering a huge flexibility within and between faculties.

Are you interested in physics and music, environmental science and law?

If your schedule allows, you can do these combinations and more. Many students choose to specialize in areas they never imagined because they “found their passion” along the way. The flexibility of the Rhodes degree provides benefits such as; change course without having to repeat subjects or, in the worst case, to repeat years.

Entry requirements

Minimum faculty requirements:

Subject (required In-depth studies Dean’s Discretion Points
Mathematics 34 – 37 38 – 44 45+
Two languages ​​at level 4 (50 – 59%)

Maths/Literature Maths level 4 (50% – 59%) level 3 (40 – 49%)

32 – 39


Social science :
Language spoken at home in English

65% or more

English first additional language

70% or more

30 – 34 34 – 44 45+
Mathematics, Life Sciences and Physics

65% or more

40 – 44


Mathematics, physical sciences or life sciences

38 – 44


Language spoken at home in English

60% or more

English first additional language

70% or more


50% and more

Math Literacy

60% or more

The application procedure

Please read this section carefully. An inaccurate or incomplete application form will delay the processing of your application. Please note that if you provide false information, your application will be immediately rejected.

Page 1: Population group, p. ex. Indian, Mixed race, White

We ask this question because some donors have stipulated that their scholarships can only be allocated to a particular breed. The government also needs this information for statistical purposes.


Examples of disabilities would be blindness, cerebral palsy, deafness, paraplegia, partial hearing, use of a wheelchair. We need this information to enable us to meet your needs; this will not compromise your candidacy. However, if you do not disclose a disability in your application, you will not be entitled to any concessions in this regard when registering at Rhodes University (e.g. extra time for exams, etc.)

Page 2: Choice of degree/diploma

The degrees obtainable in Rhodes are listed in the Program Selection section. ENROLLMENT AT A PREVIOUS HIGHER INSTITUTION If you have ever been or are currently enrolled at another institution, a copy of a full transcript showing your final results is required. Mid-year results may be taken into consideration, but the Dean may postpone their decision until your final results are available. Please submit a school transcript? not a scorecard.

Page 3: Address Details

Please complete in detail. We cannot respond to your application if this information is incomplete.


Please ensure that this information is provided. Do not list a scholarship or government sponsor. This should be the person who will make sure your fees are paid. They are also the person who will liaise with the scholarship or government department to ensure your fees are paid.

Page 4: Exam Results

If you are already registered or have completed your O/A levels, it is essential that you attach a certified copy of the certificate.


Please do not use Tippex on your results or alter them in any way. Make sure your school principal completes this section. Also remember that if you do not have the required points for admission, a positive report from the Principal will help the University assess your potential. If you left school, this section does not need to be completed.

Page 5: Activity of the current year

DO YOU NEED FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE FROM THE UNIVERSITY? (YES/NO) Answer ‘Yes’ only if you are unable to obtain financing elsewhere (eg a student loan from a bank). Give us some additional information about yourself.


Choose one of the following: 12th grader in school (i.e. improve your grades), college student, technikon student, tech college student, tech institute student, teachers or in the labor market (i.e. working). If you have worked or travelled, a letter detailing your activities would be a big help.

Pages 6 & 7

Complete the second section of the form completely, giving as much detail as possible. Deans will read this section when evaluating your application. This is especially important if you do not have the required number of points for admission.

Page 8: Declaration and Agreement

Make sure you and your parent/guardian sign this page of the form – if you don’t, the form will be returned to you.


Don’t forget to include the corresponding application fees.

• If you intend to apply for exemptions on the grounds of courses taken at a university outside of South Africa, the curricula and course content, certified by that university, must be submitted with your application. If the syllabi are not in English, it is your responsibility to provide a sworn translation.

• If you have taken courses at another South African university, you can claim credit for these courses when submitting your application form. (Attach a letter giving full details of the credits you wish to take.) Credits will only be granted upon receipt of an official transcript of results from the other university.

Closing dates and application fees

All applications must be submitted before the end of September

The application fee is R100

For more information: Visit the website for

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