Online application is a boon for residents of Alor Gajah

ALOR GAJAH: Alor Gajah Municipal Council (MPAG) has developed eight core systems and 31 supporting application systems to ensure that residents of the district get the best service.

MPAG Chairman Saifuddin Abdul Karim said the digitization service system involves, among others, online license system, booth rental application system, online recruitment system, voting system e-mail and an integrated public complaints system.

“Since its introduction on June 1, the online service has benefited more than 700 users, who have saved working time and optimized various application channels and community complaints,” he said during an interview. a press conference after the inauguration ceremony of the new MPAG building by the Chief Minister of Melaka. Datuk Seri Sulaiman Ali officiated the new MPAG office here today.

He said that as such, the MPAG aims for 50% of traders and members of the public to use the platform to apply for and renew licenses as well as channel complaints of issues in the district until the end of This year.

“Residents sometimes want immediate answers. With this system, the organization can make decisions immediately, thus shortening the process that was previously done manually,” he said.

Meanwhile, Saifuddin said the MPAG is also conducting a study and receiving public feedback regarding the system to be improved.

“In 2021, the MPAG resolved 1,582 complaints covering various categories whereas as of September this year, 848 complaints had been resolved.

“So we hope that with the feedback received regarding this system, it will be more user-friendly and more beneficial to the public,” he said. – Bernama

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