From the right to repair to rising interest rates

The issues surrounding agriculture these days following challenge even the most patient. Kicking back on the burning issues of the time can sometimes help farmers make clearer decisions. In this episode of Around Farm Progress, Jacqui Fatka, Policy Editor of Farm Progress, speaks with Curt Covington, Senior Director of Institutional Credit and Commodities at AgAmerica.

Covington spoke Farm Futures Summit in the past, and ideas on a range of subjects are well received. In this conversation, it first offered his perspective on the pressure for legislation on the right to compensation in agriculture. But this is only the beginning.

The list of topics covered in this short conversation shows his deep knowledge of key issues impacting agriculture, from supply issues for farmers to labor issues affecting production. He also delves into input prices and related challenges, then concludes on a subject he believes needs more attention: interest rates.

Listen to him.

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