Delgaz Grid launches online application that will help improve the connection process – The Diplomat Bucharest

  • The application is dedicated to Delgaz Grid partner companies that carry out work on electrical networks;
  • Using the platform reduces schedule approval time from five to two days for most jobs;
  • In addition, 1,750 working hours per year are saved.

The natural gas and electricity distribution company Delgaz Grid has launched the “Work Schedules” application, the first step in setting up the “Electricity Partners” SharePoint-type online platform, with the aim of improving the connection process and reduce its duration, Delgaz Grid annually manages the completion of approximately 11,000 electrical connections for new consumers, and compliance with the 90-day deadline for design, execution, acceptance and commissioning facilities is a priority for the company.

By using the platform, operational since July 1, work schedule approval time is reduced from five days to two for most types of work, while saving 1,750 man-hours per year. This means that significant resources are freed up and can be allocated to other process segments to reduce the login process time.

“The digitalization of distribution networks and processes is a priority for Delgaz Grid. The new platform responds both to the expectations of future users, to reduce network access time, and to our subcontractors, to optimize the process of carrying out connection facilities,” said Cristian Secoșan, General Manager of Delgaz Grid.

The application is dedicated to the approximately 250 contractors who carry out the electrical connections and allows the exchange of data and information between the parties concerned. Thus, the process of submitting the request and approving work programs is automated. Access to the platform is simple and secure, by creating an account, and the requested information is filled in predefined fields, with the possibility of attaching documents and comments.

Thanks to this development, the six departments in which Delgaz Grid operates will have a unified way of working. On the platform, the traceability of the request will be ensured, from the date of submission, the stage and the date of approval of the work programs, and the necessary information will be automatically transmitted to all the people involved in the execution process and acceptance of works.

The platform was developed in around six months by a Delgaz Grid project team, made up of specialists in investment management, distribution network operations and the development of IT solutions. In addition to the platform dedicated to principals, several platforms and applications are already operational (Delgaz Access, for connecting new consumers to the distribution network, a platform dedicated to changing supplier, applications for programming meter reading/replacement , Disruption Notification ), and we are still analyzing digitization/automation and other processes to increase the quality offered to users of the distribution system.

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