Cyberattack affects Illinois State Police’s FOID online request system | News

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WREX) – More than 2,000 FOID card accounts may have been connected by hackers using stolen information, according to Illinois State Police.

“No online system is completely impenetrable, and upgrades to all state systems must and will continue, but we remain vigilant,” an ISP representative said.

An investigation by the ISP revealed that the personal information did not come from its systems and servers.

The ISP does not know where the hackers found the personal information used to log into the accounts, but they are working with federal partners to find the source.

“An investigation by the software vendor with the ISP determined that no FOID card was fraudulently issued, no unauthorized user attempted to complete the process to obtain a FOID card, and no ISP’s database has been breached There are no known ransomware or cyberattacks on ISP systems at this time.

A total of 2,067 FOID cardholders may have been affected, less than 0.0008% of the total number of cardholders, according to the ISP. All potentially affected persons have been notified by the ISP and issued a new card free of charge.

The ISP said it was similar to stealing a credit card. The agency cancels the old FOID card and issues a new one to the appropriate owner.

The site is currently online and accepting applications.

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