Bernice King Co-Founds New ‘Ready Life’ Mortgage Platform for Future Homebuyers – JaGurl TV

In today’s society, to get a home loan, potential homeowners must have a list of qualifications, including an excellent credit score. Daughter of Martin Luther King jr., Berenice Kinghelped develop a way to make this process easier.

ready to live adopts a new method of mortgage lending that relies on buyers’ rental payment history. The new fintech platform was founded by King and a financial lawyer, Ashley D. BelI. “We are rewriting the rules for home ownership.” Ready Life bases future homeownership on “what matters” other than credit. “We believe that a family with a documented history of paying their rent on time will pay their mortgage the same way.” Bell said.

Also Chair of the Ready Life Advisory Board, Bernice King believes this groundbreaking model keeps her father’s dream alive. “I believe that ready to live can help rectify decades of discrimination in homeownership by helping to remove unnecessary barriers.

Ready Life consists of three financial products and services; a Visa Ready Pay debit card, a Ready mortgage and a Ready merchant. Ready Life is currently conducting its Series A fundraising led by Ready Life sponsor, Figure Technologies Inc.

The new platform will be launched this fall.

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