AVANA Companies Launch New LendThrive Lending Platform

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AVANA Companies Launch New LendThrive Lending Platform

Posted on June 29, 2021

Glendale, Arizona: AVANA Companies, a lending and asset management platform, is pleased to announce the launch of LendThrive™, a lending platform designed to help small businesses thrive while boosting local economies. This latest addition to the AVANA companies ecosystem follows AVANA’s decision to become a majority shareholder of Extensia Financial, a credit union service organization (CUSO) focused on commercial real estate.

LendThrive™ is committed to helping small businesses go further than other small business lenders. They have unique performance-based fixed rate loans that allow business owners to keep more of their hard-earned money. Customers who repay their loan on time are eligible for a rate reduction rewards program with a decreasing interest rate over the term of their loans. For example, if a business owner starts with an interest rate of 2.50% per month and makes their payments on time, their rate may gradually decrease to 1.25%.

“At LendThrive™, we believe that your success is our success. We are here to support American business owners every step of the way by helping them keep as much profit as possible in their pockets,” says Sundip Patel, CEO of LendThrive™ and AVANA. “Our rate reduction rewards program allows us to do this by providing fair and reasonable risk-adjusted pricing that rewards business owners for the reliable payment of their loans.”

LendThrive™ strives to help underserved businesses in industries such as hospitality and renewable energy that are often overstretched by financial markets. The platform offers access to capital without excessive rates or fees, with minimal paperwork and a fast 24-hour approval process and 48-hour funding. Unlike other lenders, LendThrive™ will not penalize business owners for prepaying the loan.

Patel believes that by lending with impact, they can invest in communities as well as the people they serve and employ. The founder and CEO is a lifelong entrepreneur who has personally faced the same challenges as many other business owners. It was this experience that drove him to develop a simple platform that allows small businesses to access capital in a transparent and fair way.

LendThrive™’s mission and values ​​are aligned with those of sister company, AVANA Capital, with the primary goal of helping American business owners fund and grow their businesses. They also strive to make a difference in the environment by lending to renewable energy companies. To date, clean energy projects funded by AVANA Capital now power more than 500,000 homes each year.

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