Application for admission to the school online from November 25

The online application for admission to different schools in the country will start from November 25 and will continue until December 8.

Lotteries will be organized for public and private schools, and for secondary and upper secondary levels.

The sale of the admission forms, the realization of the lottery and the publication of the results will be done via Teletalk.

“The decision was taken on Thursday at a meeting of the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE) regarding the admission to the school of students in grades 1 to 9,” said the deputy director ( school) of the DSHE and secretary member of the school admissions committee. Aziz Uddin.

Heads of different educational institutions were present at the meeting.

After obtaining the admission policy from the Ministry of Education, DSHE plans to launch the admission policy after issuing a circular.

According to the meeting sources, the admissions policy will include online admissions and a lottery system.

The meeting also finalized admission dates, including waitlisted students. In addition, the cost of admission forms has also been fixed.

Admission forms for all schools are sold online considering the coronavirus situation.

The lottery system is used for the first time at upper secondary level, also revealed at the meeting.

For public schools, the lottery will take place on December 15 and for private schools, on December 19.

Students selected by lottery for grades 1-9 in public schools will be admitted from December 16-23.

Students on the waiting list can be admitted from December 28 to 30.

Meanwhile, students selected in the private school lottery will be admitted from Dec. 21-26.

Those on the waiting list will be admitted from December 26 to 30.

This year, the admission form for each private school costs 200 Tk. Public schools charged 170 Tk.

However, the price for next year’s admission form has been reduced due to the pandemic.

Fixed tk110 to apply to five schools simultaneously. Thus, reducing the application fee for each school at Tk22.

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